Thursday, October 21, 2010

MII further notice irregularities SP will be ordered to stop

China SP industry again faced the winter. Yesterday, the Ministry of Information Industry announced on its official Web site and toll rates again SP special management activities to be checked. At the same time, Guangdong Mobile is released, warning in advance of Guangdong Mobile major SP illegal operations "disinfection."

Yesterday, the Ministry of Information Industry, said deployment of related work release, will focus on examination of provincial communications administration, the major carriers, SP implementation of the "Mobile Information Services on the standard tariff and collection of fees notice" situation, and in the short message service and other service businesses whether strict implementation of the relevant laws and regulations. Ministry of Information Industry made it clear that malicious against the legitimate interests of consumers or repeated violations and other serious cases of SP, the law shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification. According to this year in November Ministry of Information Industry released the latest information, as of this year by the end of August, Ministry of Information Industry has dealt with nearly 800 illegal SP, of which 453 SP by the operator to stop settlement, to stop operations, close the port and business off the assembly line and other processing.

It is reported that the Guangdong is the Ministry of Information Industry selected sample SP's first stop. Yesterday, Guangdong Mobile issued a "special inspection on the notice to meet the Ministry of Information Industry," asked the major SP-round self-examination, deadline for correction.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To work without selection, the problem you thought about it?

It was no work, no work to do. University graduates who now is the season to find a job, many graduates of the special recruitment will also be held continuously, can the one hand, many students complained about the increasing difficulty in finding the other hand, has to find the right company talent and frustration.

This year, the College Expansion in China after the second peak year of graduate employment, Zhejiang Province, a total of 12.7 million full-time graduate students, compared with 93,000 in 2003 increased by 3.4 million, plus various types of secondary school, Zikao , adult education graduates are expected to exceed 20 million total. Source of graduates this year, a total of 3551 people Xiaoshan Sheng, an increase in the number of last year. In the severe employment situation, graduates find jobs in our region underscores two major contradictions: first, professional dislocation.鎴戝尯浼佷笟瀵瑰伐绉戠被姣曚笟鐢熼渶姹傞噺杈冨ぇ锛岃?鍥炶惂灞辩殑姣曚笟鐢熷熀鏈互鏂囩绫讳负涓伙紝瀵艰嚧姣曚笟鐢熼毦浠ユ壘鍒颁笓涓氬鍙g殑宸ヤ綔銆?Second, college graduates expectations too high to meet its employment needs.

It is understood that our region produces each year about 3,500 college graduates, about 1 / 3 of college graduates in the field of employment after graduation, some students need more than 2,000 local digestion. To do college graduates employment, the district personnel departments take active measures to guide college graduates employment.

First, this year's hiring of civil servants and public institutions in the recruitment of staff, candidates try to give priority to the process of membership in Xiaoshan graduates.

Second, through the Session in the form of free exchange, as no fresh college graduates, the employment structure of employment platform.

Third, graduates of the family particularly difficult to recommend priorities and policies to the extent permitted to help in guiding them to employment.

In the July 11 session of Xiaoshan Sheng held for the 2004 graduates of special recruitment at the source, based platform to enterprise-based recruitment, but many graduates are not interested in working on into the business, knowing that many college graduates into the organs and institutions of work not much hope, but still on the sidelines to achieve first-time job, and some would rather stay at home and was unwilling to enterprises.

District Personnel Bureau, a responsible person, with the continuous development of Xiaoshan industrial enterprises, enterprises have become the main employers of the absolute, but many college graduates were significantly less to adapt to this reality, their position is not accurate enough, it was even non-public institutions not to enter this man-made employment difficult.

Experts Recommend words: secondary vocational school graduates just entering the campus community to the future with the hopes and vision, this is a good thing, but must face the reality we face the severe employment situation and fierce competition in the market - after all, , desire is one thing, the reality is just one issue. Not too much to expect smooth sailing in the course of employment with one step, to give up some ambitious, unrealistic fantasy, set up employment before choosing career and business ideas.涔嬫墍浠ュ皢鈥滃氨涓氣?涓ゅ瓧鏀惧湪鈥滄嫨涓氣?鍓嶉潰锛屽彧鎯宠〃鏄庯細鎷╀笟杩滄瘮灏变笟瑕佽壈闅惧緱澶氾紝鍙湁鍏堝浼氬氨涓氾紝鎵嶄細鏈夋洿澶氱殑璧勬湰鍘绘嫨涓氥? The inexperienced, the "chopsticks" not yet in place, too many choosers is clearly a lack of grasp of their own performance.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pressure direct sales model, "Yang Shuai" Miller came to power Dell

Following the newspaper first reported yesterday, "Mass Dell China president sudden departure", the Dell yesterday to the "Daily Economic News" sent e-mail, said Dell CEO Foo decided to retire, "Yang Shuai" Miller will take over its duties.

Miller served as Dell Australia and New Zealand vice president and managing director, in January this year, Dell began to break constitute "double executive" leadership framework to lay the groundwork to take over the work of Foo. Now, wheat will be independent of the leadership of Dell's business in China and Hong Kong, the transition will be completed by the end of November.

Dell's high-profile official confirmed the Foo's external performance. But analysts believe that poor performance is the main character left. Gartner Group Asia Pacific hardware Ye Lei, chief analyst of the "Daily Economic News", said Dell's direct model does not fully meet the Chinese market, on the other hand, Dell, Lenovo and HP to snatch a lot of the market.鍙剁璁や负锛屾埓灏旂殑闂锛屼笉鏄崲甯呭氨鑳藉鍦ㄧ煭鏃堕棿鍐呰В鍐崇殑銆?br />


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yuan Meng: Ubuntu 9.10 new version of the debut

Beijing time 22:30, Ubuntu 9.10 released. People to each other to celebrate the arrival of this moment.

I was in the last 23:24 was found Ubuntu website banners "Ubuntu 9.10 is here", I immediately "Ubuntu laboratory" calls that come to celebrate this moment. To tell the truth, a lot of new 9.10 version, which re-design the whole system software, the person's experience (or demand) placed in the center (heart of). October 26, in a conference call, Mark Shuttleworth, Mr. said the goal be achieved. It can be said, Ubuntu has taken a big step forward.

In fact, download the 9.10 version of the ISO file, be made Live USB (or DVD), not difficult, there is a corresponding installation tool. The 9.10 version, as the self system, into the U disk has many benefits, allows more users to experience new features of version 9.10. That is, with Live USB, the user need not undergo the pain of installation, you can easily enjoy the new version of the wonderful experience.

The new version is Ubuntu 9.10 Ubuntu website called "Free Operating System for your desktop". If the remark seriously, its meaning is quite profound. Look, Ubuntu 9.10 version seems closer to the GNU / Linux (ie gNewSense) the true meaning of the specific situation is unclear. 9.10 version new features are: fast start, beautiful interface, easy to use, and in close connection with the cloud. Cloud computing and the perfect hook to Ubuntu 9.10 version into a modern sense of personal desktops, to be exact, is an advanced "self-Desktop." We are convinced, Ubuntu 9.10 custom version of the Chinese culture charming ease of use, and Windows 7 must have a go.

Ubuntu 9.10 release, Ubuntu is actually a branch of the concentration of released versions, such as: Kubuntu 9.10, Xubuntu 9.10, Edubuntu 9.10 and the Internet version of the dedicated Remix 9.10 (for 20 kinds of online version). According to foreign media reports, Ubuntu 9.10 is the XP upgrade old systems and old customers a viable choice, comparison, too expensive to upgrade to Win 7, in particular its flagship edition (2,460 yuan a).

Yesterday afternoon, I met in Shenzhen to Beijing on behalf of Miss Liu Jialu Wu Bangtuo (in the bottom of an Office Building Yuyuantan South Russian restaurant), to discuss the enterprise cloud computing platform and the U disk of mass production problems. We unanimously recognized that, at present, Live USB (U disk that is self-starting) the market demand has been formed, must act. In our case, this "self-desktop" never seen before. We believe, U disk-to-market, all kinds of criticism will disappear, of course, so whoever has the standout.

Description: Ubuntu 9.10 new release, the positive evaluation of the foreign media, many people have high hopes for its. Many PC manufacturers are optimistic about the market prospects of pre-installed Ubuntu. At present, a medium-intensity global Ubuntu ecosystem is emerging, and is healthy growth, gradually showing a GNU / Linux desktop enormous power. If we do not see the objective development trend (gNewSense rise), it will lose the direction.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Hat Reports Fourth-quarter earnings fell 25% year on year profit

March 30 foreign reports, open source software provider Red Hat (Red Hat) Thursday announced its fiscal fourth quarter earnings. By the impact of stock options and income tax expenses, Red Hat, a year earlier, the fourth-quarter profit fell 25%.

Filing shows ended to February 28 in the fourth quarter, the Red Hat profit of 20.5 million U.S. dollars, earnings per share of 0.1 U.S. dollars, down from last year's level. Red Hat profit 27.3 million U.S. dollars last year, combined earnings per share of 0.13 cents.

Excluding stock compensation and tax expenses, Red Hat earnings of 0.15 U.S. dollars, and analysts polled by Thomson Financial expected match.

Red Hat fourth quarter revenue of 111.1 million U.S. dollars, higher than last year's 79.79 million U.S. dollars, but this figure did not meet analysts expectations of 112.5 million U.S. dollars of ordinary. Analysts generally expect the 112.5 million U.S. dollars.

For the entire fiscal year, Red Hat profit of 59.9 million U.S. dollars, a surplus of 0.29 U.S. dollars a share; Red Hat annual revenue last fiscal year, 79.7 million U.S. dollars, earnings per share) 04,100 U.S. dollars%.

Looking ahead, Red Hat expects its current fiscal first-quarter revenue of 116 million U.S. dollars and between 117.5 million U.S. dollars, excluding special items, earnings per share will be 0.15 U.S. dollars.

Day in the New York Stock Exchange, Red Hat fell 1.6% in regular trading, closing at 23.14 U.S. dollars. After the earnings announcement, Red Hat in extended trading, they fell almost 1 U.S. dollar lower, falling 22.22 U.S. dollars.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gartner: Q4 PC shipments in Asia-Pacific region surged 32.6 percent year on year

February 17, according to market research firm Gartner data released Thursday by strong demand in China and India to promote the Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), the fourth-quarter PC shipments surged 32.6% year on year, but also to the whole year growth rate increased to 26.2%.

Gartner analyst Lillian Tay said in a statement: "The PC industry, this is no ordinary year. This rate of growth since 2000 has not occurred."

Gartner pointed out that as a whole, the region's PC shipments from the 33.1 million units in 2004 increased to 41.8 million units.

In 2005 the region's largest seller is China's Lenovo Group, the market share of 18.3% in 2004 increased to 18.7%. In 2005 to 1.25 billion acquisition of IBM PC assets, the company became the world's third-largest PC maker.

Hewlett-Packard is the second largest vendor in the region. Its market share from 2004 to 9.7% to 10.6%.

The third is located in Dell, it's market share in the region increased from 6.7% to 7.4%. Taiwan's Acer's market share from 4.4% to 5.6%, ranking fourth.

These large firms growing market share is small firms and the "white box" computer (no mark) manufacturer market share of the reduced price. This group from the 56.4% overall market share fell to 52.7%.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

How to obtain the state of flip

Series 60 C + + development partners can now write some application software, used to respond to the user to open or close the phone cover, mobile camera or change direction. The above two kinds of user actions are likely to appear in the Nokia N90 multimedia terminal. Event of such software from Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 has been supported later on. For example, when users close the terminal when the developers make their output automatically transferred to the external color display, and when the user opens the terminal, the output in turn automatically transferred to the internal display (usually the internal display larger).

For an application to add these features, simply in CEikAppUi:: HandleKeyEventL () to add some event handlers. Corresponding event (TEventCode) is EEventScreenDeviceChanged, EEventCaseOpened, and EEventCaseClosed. When the camera rotates, it is EEventKeyUp and EEventKeyDown types of key events.

The following sample code is used to detect the current camera position:

# Include / / link against ecam.lib
CCamera * cam = CCamera:: NewL (* this, 0);
TCameraInfo info;
cam-> CameraInfo (info);
TCameraOrientation orientation = info.iOrientation;

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